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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Wrights

In approximately 1881, Cassandra Thornton married King J. Wright. Cassandra was the daughter of Allen Ellis Thornton, brother to Robert Benton and James, and Polly Ray, daughter of George Raulston Ray and Elizabeth Dycus. The Rays and Thorntons were old Scots-Irish families who had both arrived in Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s. Together, they took land grants in North Carolina, before moving to Jackson County, Tennessee, and then to southern Kentucky. Elizabeth Dycus had been an indentured servant from England before George R. Ray bought off the remaining years of her servitude.

Cassandra (March 27, 1861-Oct. 26, 1929) and King Wright (Sept. 23, 1858-Oct 28, 1922) had five children: Lassie G., Edna, Clarence, Finis Ewing, and Ruby Viola. Their descendants can be found throughout southern Kentucky and in central Indiana.
Finis Ewing Wright (1891-1949) married Mayme Willis Taylor and had several children: Avis, Finis, John, Shirley, and Alma Frances. He also had a daughter, Laura B. Wright, from a previous relationship.

Avis Wright.

Alma Frances Wright (1914-1987) married Max Franklin Glaze.

The Glazes and grandchildren. Pictured are Mike, Sherry, and Vicki Smith; Roxie Glaze; Frances and Max Glaze; Joe, Brett, and Laurie Keith.

(From the Glaze family on Ancestry.com)

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