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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sloan/ Kinnaird: Thornton Cousins

Our Sloan connections descend from Mary Elizabeth Thornton (November 19, 1848-August 26, 1921), daughter of Allen Ellis and Polly Ray Thornton, and Fernly Alexander Sloan (April 20, 1850-May 5, 1918), son of Ben and Polly Cook Sloan. They had seven known children: James Thomas, Allen W., Ben, Florence Viteria, Alma, Edgar Herschel, and May. In honor of the upcoming Sloan-Kinnaird reunion in Bowling Green, KY, I am posting several photos from the James Thomas Sloan branch.

James T. Sloan (August 9, 1873-December 24, 1915) married Victoria Eden Bell and had four children: Charles A. "Boss," Polly Jessie, Oma, and Mayme. After Victoria's death in 1915, James married Margaret Victoria Mifflin and had three more children: Gladys, Thurman Morris, and Lawrence. James was buried in Blackjack Cemetery, Simpson County, KY, alongside of his Thornton and Sloan cousins.

James Thomas Sloan's children: Lawrence and Thurman Morris (back row); Jessie and Mayme (middle); Gladys and Oma (front). Charles is not pictured.

Mayme and Polly Jessie married the Kinnaird brothers, sons of Elijah Blackstone and Mary Sowers Kinnaird. Mayme (June 9, 1894-February 24, 1966) married Vinnie Lee; Jessie (May 27, 1899-October 1980) married Lawrence Warder.

Vinnie Lee (February 20, 1894-December 9, 1955) and Mayme Sloan Kinnaird. They had three children: Lloyd Houston, Donald Lee, and Dorothy Mae. Jessie Sloan Kinnaird, pictured on the porch...

A family portrait: The proud parents and children. Lloyd, in his mother's arms, married Clara Ruth Turner. Donald Lee married Devearle Goodrum and, secondly, Elizabeth Graves; Dorothy married Rueben Kaye Harlan.

Photos donated by Kathy Kinnaird Johnson, June, 2008.