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In this blog we attempt to create a visual history of a main southern Kentucky Thornton branch, descended from Scots-Irish Thorntons who may have arrived in Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s. If your goal is to check whether or not you or a family member are listed in our genealogy file, the first eight posts contain more than 1,500 names, listed generationally. Use the 'find' command to scroll through the material...Good luck.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Public Service Thorntons

Capt. Levi C Thornton, Postmaster, Oakland, Illinois
Hon. Samuel W. Thornton, Member of 1886 Nebraska State Legislature; assessor, tax collector, census taker, marshal, and Dep. Sheriff of Washington County, Iowa
Barry N. Turner( great-grandson of Mary Elizabeth Thornton), Environmental Director, Barren River Health Department
Judge James Johnston Thornton, Military Judge during Reconstruction (Seguin, Texas)
Edwin Theodore McConnell( son of Sarah Ann Thornton), Township Trustee of Deer Creek, Miami County, Indiana
Jimmy Wayne Thornton, Mayor, Magnolia, Texas
Jana Arney Hammock( great-great-granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Thornton), Director of Elementary Instructional Support; Director, Kids First; Simpson County, KY, Planning and Zoning Board Member
Richard Lee Woodman( grandson of Jane Thornton), Asst. Postmaster
Jean Powell Thompson(daughter of Dorothy Thornton) Worked for Texas Legislature
Dr. Sandra Christine Thornton-Whitehouse, Chairperson, Rhode Island's Coastal Resources Management Council
Roslyn Bunton Watson (granddaughter of Flora Inda Thornton), Tax Assessor of Carson County, Texas
Joyce Waldal(granddaughter of Bessie Lea Thornton), City Council Member, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
Judge William Wheeler Thornton, Dep. Attorney General of Indiana, Indiana Supreme Ct. Librarian, city attorney of Crawfordsville, Indiana, and judge in Marion County, Indiana
Maj. Jesse Willard Thornton, Director, Warren County Parks & Recreation
Capt. James Worth Thornton, Central Intelligence Agency
Bradford Jennings Williams Jr.( grandson of Anna Leland Thornton), Asst. District Attorney for Tulsa County, Oklahoma
William Albert Thornton, Court Reporter, Santa Rosa, California
Kimberly Bouchey (granddaughter of Evaline Thornton), Member, Bowling Green-Warren County Military Liaison Board
Charles W. Lewis II (son of Diane Thornton Lewis), Diplomat, US Foreign Service
By Marriage:
Sheldon Whitehouse
( husband of Sandra C. Thornton), US Senator from Rhode Island
Franklin Oscar Brown( husband of Blanche D. Thornton), Mayor, Plummer, Minnesota
Judge Norman Palmero( husband of Wynne Harrison, granddaughter of Henry Clay Thornton) Colorado Springs community activist and judge
Loral C. Crawford( husband of Mary Alline Thornton), Mayor, Russellville, Missouri
Dr. Maris Marion Proffitt (husband of Mary E. Higgins, daughter of Martha Emma Thornton) Consultant and Industrial Education Specialist, US Dept. of Education
Judge Bradford Jennings Williams (husband of Mary Elinor Grubb, daughter of Anna Leland Thornton)
Rep. John Henry Kleine( husband of Margaret Worth Geer, daughter of Margaret Worth Thornton) Representative, Illinois State Legislature

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