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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thornton Family Reunion 2005

Bonita Moore Cooper, granddaughter of Lillie Pauline Thornton Reagan, chats with Jean Overstreet Daniel, daughter-in-law of Evaline Thornton Daniel.

Juanita Meredith Thornton, wife of Robert D., Debbie, and Bryan, after being plastered with name tags...

Tony and Liz Cox Thornton; Louie Daniel White, grandson of Evaline Thornton Daniel; and Gary David Daniel, son of Evaline Thornton Daniel.

Debbie White Winebarger, granddaughter of Evaline Thornton.

The Daniels: Jeannie posing with Kim Daniel Bouchey, granddaughter of Evaline Thornton Daniel.

Lewises and Thorntons: (LtoR) Damon and Sue Franklin Lewis; Bill and Diane Thornton Lewis, with Carter; Patrick and Candis Thornton.

Tana Watts Hancock and Sharon Watts Windham, daughters of Patti Joe Thornton, add to the family potluck with a casserole.

Stephen and Denise Clements Thornton.

The spouses: Cloyd Copas, husband of Carene Thornton, discusses Thornton shenanigans with Charles Lewis, husband of Diane Thornton.

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Mr. Copas is now deceased