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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Military Thorntons: World War II

Earl S. Cassetty, son of Berttina Mae Thornton
Fred Alton Thornton
Maj. Jesse Willard Thornton
Robert D. Thornton
Jay H. Thornton
Hughie Freeman Yokley, grandson of Cassandra Thornton
Stanley Leroy Thornton
Richard Drifmeyer, grandson of Sarah Ann Thornton
Donald Lee Kinnaird, great-grandson of Mary Elizabeth Thornton
Ray Henderson Owen, grandson of Alice Jane Thornton
Richard Benjamin Gillett, great-grandson of Martha Elizabeth Thornton
Nelson Dean Wyant, grandson of Mary Ann Thornton
* Gaines Snyder, great-grandson of Sarah Ann Thornton
* Survived Bataan Death March, The Phillipines
Harry Joseph Thornton
Capt. James Worth Thornton
Lt. Col. Raymond Allen Thornton (also served in Korea and Vietnam)
Porter Milton Kitchens, son of Ruby Mae Thornton
Albert "Doc" Franklin Jones, son of Margaret Thornton
Glenn E. Wright, grandson of Cassandra Thornton
Clifton Charles Thornton
Edwin Drifmeyer, grandson of Sarah Ann Thornton
Lloyd McCown, grandson of Mary Etta Thornton
Theodore Kemp Thornton
Hal Ervin Thornton, grandson of Allen M. "Tobe" Thornton of Kay County, Oklahoma
Eugene Wendell Thornton, grandson of Allen M. "Tobe" Thornton of Kay County, Oklahoma
Robert Brown Thornton
Harry Rairdon Jr., son of Betty Lola (Lela) Thornton


ToyMaker said...

Do you know what roll Fred Alton played in WWII?

Will Lewis said...

No, only that he enlisted Jan. 5, 1944, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was listed as living in Bernalillo at the time, married, and a laborer.

Anonymous said...

My father was Eugene Wendell Thornton of Veneta Oregon. My cousin received a letter from you dated august 2011 which is fantastic. I have 2 brothers Steven Craig Thornton of Chahalis Washington and Ronald Gene Thornton of Eugene Oregon; Steve was Married to Jackie Frost; later divorced; married to Nelda; Steve and Jackie had 2 boys Craig Allen and Cory Jay; Ronnie had a boy and a girl Kimberly and Scott; Craig is deceased; Cory lives in SF and Kim and Scott live if the Portland Oregon area. I live in Eugene Oregon and married no kids. I hope to hear from you. Thank you for all you work on the family line...Sincerly Jill Lynette Thornton- jpboss2000@hotmail.com

Linda Olinger said...

Lucian Jones (son of Gertrude Maude Thornton and Dock Jones) was my father. He was a silver star recipient in WWII. He served in the US Navy in the South Pacific.