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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jesse Willard Henson (1917 - 1981)

Jesse Willard Henson was born July 16, 1917 in Simpson County, KY, to Lee B. and Ophelia Ruth Wright Henson.  Ophelia was the daughter of Charlie Wilson and Lassie Wright, daughter of Cassandra Thornton of the Allen and Polly Ray Thornton branch.  In 1925, Ophelia Henson passed away, when Jesse was eight years old and his younger sister, Eris, was three.  Raised in Simpson County, he married Mary Sue Spears, daughter of Denver and Nellie Middleton Spears, and raised his family on the rolling farmland of southern Kentucky.  Jesse and his wife had several children: Jerry Galen, Larry Willard, Ophelia, Terry Marlin, and Katherine.  Jesse passed away in February 1981, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
In the above picture, Jesse is with his father, Lee Henson.
The Henson family:  Top row, left to right, William Ranburger, Mary Sue Spears Henson, Jesse Willard Henson, Diane McCoy Henson, Terry Marlin Henson, Larry Willard Henson; Second row, left to right, Katherine Henson Toney, Ophelia Ranburger, with Teresa Dyer in lap, Lee Henson, Jane Lightfoot Henson, with Bonnie Henson Monroe in lap, Lorie Fisher Henson, and Sherry Henson Edmunds.
Ophelia, daughter of Jesse Willard, poses with Xavier Henson-Stevens, son of Stefanie Henson-Stevens and Timothy Stevens.
40th Wedding Anniversary: Larry, Ophelia, Willard, Sue, Terry, and Katherine

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