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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dual Wedding in Sumner County: December 4, 1879

Northern Tennessee has long been the place for southern Kentucky Thorntons to head for quick, simple marriage ceremonies.  On December 4, 1879, Allen M. Thornton and his older sister, Margaret, took their respective partners to Sumner County to obtain licenses.  Afterwards, Allen headed westwards to Oklahoma, while Margaret Thornton Jones remained in southern Warren County, KY.  My 2nd great-grandfather would take his bride-to-be to Sumner County in 1880; my mother and father would marry next door in Robertson County, TN, in 1970.


Jennifer Parsons said...

I'm sure you have noticed that the marriage certificate lists the groom as Jeferson J. Jones and all other data lists Maggy's husband as Sidney Jefferson Jones, can you possibly explain this to me? I sure would appreciate any insight you might have.

Will Lewis said...

I would think that this would be an error on the clerk's account: even the Jefferson was misspelled, and Jeff was named after his father, another Jeff Jones.

Jennifer Parsons said...

I had no idea that there was another Jeff Jones, what info do you have that indicates this. also, in the 1880 census, Maggie is listed as the wife of J. Jones and the other person living with them was S.J. Jones, and his relationship to the head of household is brother. they lived in the Goshen district of Warren County, Kentucky; yet another mystery in the Jones/Thornton family.