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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tombstones: Stevenson Cemetery, Simpson County, KY

Robert F Thornton, younger brother to my gg grandfather, John H, and family were buried in the Stevenson Cemetery, just north of Franklin, KY.

Eli Thornton died in an automobile accident, leaving his wife to manage an estate that was sued by the three injured occupants of his car. Most of his possessions had to be sold at auction to cover debt.

Lillie Frances Thornton had five children, many of whom were raised in Alabama. They were Robert, Waymon (named after Jane Kirby's father), and Bettie Qualls, as well as Willie and Nettie Goad. Her grandchildren and great grandchildren still reside primarily in Alabama.

Charles and Sadie Thornton raised six boys: Raleigh Franklin, Michael Frederick, Hank Carson, Marvin Davis, Charles Eddie, and Bobby Morris.


Dina (Thornton) Capek said...

My grandparents. My father was their second son, Michael F. Thornton. Married to Mary Jo Neeley (12/26/1941-4/19/1996), they had 4 children: Karen Denise Thornton, born 12/28/1060, Michael Ryan Thornton, born 3/16/1963, Dina Jo Thornton, born 8/29/1964, and Jonathan Derek Thornton, born 3/15/1973. Michael goes by Pete. He has 7 grandchildren and currently 1 great-grandson.

Dina Thornton Capek said...

WE lost our sweet sister Karen on Oct 5, 2013. We lost our beloved dad on Dec 28, 2013. It was a very sad time for my brothers and me. We miss them everyday still.

Dina (Thornton) Capek said...

My sister is buried next to my mother in the Cave Springs Cemetery on Highway 73 in Logan County. My dad is buried at the Stevenson United Methodist Chapel next to his parents Charlie and Sadie Thornton, and brother, Raleigh Franklin Thornton.

Will Lewis said...

Dina, thank you for the post, and I am very sorry to hear about your loss. When I return to Kentucky in March, I will update the info. If you perchance have photos of them, I will attach to their obituaries.

Thank you,