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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Family Biography: Jesse Willard Thornton (Part II)

After the death of Patricia Mary Thornton, Jess married Kitty Booth Baker. They lived in Bowling Green, KY, and Lantana, FL, where Jess died on Feb. 18, 1982. Kitty later married George Cummins and then, even later, Ermil Sparks. Jess was buried at Pine Crest Cemetery, Lake Worth, FL.

Jess's stepchildren: Vicki, Butch, and Carolyn Baker.

Cynthia Diane Lewis Romero, daughter of Carolyn Baker and David Lewis, with daughters: Ashley and Katie.

Vince and Carolyn Baker Lewis Ruffalo enjoying a night on the town in western North Carolina.

Vicki Baker Thornton Hutto Hall and husband, Mike Hall, posing for Christmas.

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